Friday, February 6, 2015

Out With the Old. In With the New.

Hello Dear Readers!

I have fun news. I'm moving the Just Beth site! No panic attacks...all the posts will follow me over to the  all-new Just Beth blog.

Because I'm sure that would keep you up tonight.

Those of you who have been conveniently receiving posts to your email will keep on doing so! If, by chance, you once upon a time entered your email but never verified, you might start getting the posts to your inbox.

Here's why:

My new site has a subscription service that allowed me to import subscribers from this site. However, it didn't recognize that some subscribers had never verified by clicking the little link that came to your email yonder days ago.

So, I'm totally not trying force email friends! If you don't want to hear from me via email, please oh please click the unsubscribe button when you get a fresh new post on Monday morning. I'll still love you. I promise!

I look forward to seeing you over at the new Just Beth site! Onward and upward....