My Story In a Nutshell

I love an adventure. And doing life with Christ has been one after another.
Average girl from small town Alabama, I did my time doing the "norm" in high school and college. After I graduated from Auburn (WAR EAGLE!), God told me to pack up and head west.  I ignored Him and took a job teaching at a private Christian school.  By Christmas I was begging Jesus to let me off the hook of that ill fitting career! (Dear students, You learned nothing from me. I hope I didn't ruin your education. At least we had some good Jesus discussions.) I landed at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary the next August. Single, naive, and 800 miles from anyone I knew, my faith grew out of total desperation and dependence. It was awesome living like that. I was ruined and normal was no longer an option.

I met this stud  -------------------------> 18 months into working on my masters in counseling. Turns out he thought I was pretty cute and kinda funny.  So he asked me to marry him. So far, it's working out pretty well. 

We both graduated from SWBTS on a Friday in December of 07.  On Sunday we found out we were pregnant. Titus rocked our world the following August. 

A year later we thought it was time for Nate to find his own gig. He had been on staff at North Fort Worth Baptist as an associate, and we loved it but knew he was called to preach. Thinking we would surely move back East where our families lived, it was a bit of a surprise when God said "go further west". I was stubborn, as usual. But He won in the end. He always does. We moved from a two bedroom shoe box apartment in Fort Worth to a parsonage in Fort Sumner, New Mexico for Nate to pastor at FBC. Turns out God knew what He was doing. The time we spent there was nothing short of divine. 

Two years and a new baby girl into our time there, God decided our life was beginning to look too normal. He added some unusual by asking us to adopt.  Then He said "You need to go back east before you do." What?! We just got here! 

One year later, commence move to Alabama. God gave us almost 18 months before throwing another curve ball. "Drop the international adoption thing. There are orphans up the road I want you to raise." Ummm, k.

So now I find myself as a stay at home mom of two plus one with who knows how many more on the way. A pastor's wife, book worm, writer who is learning that none of that is my ultimate identity. I considered making this blog solely about several things; raising kids, adoption, being a pastor's wife, cooking, faith. But in the end, there is one thing that supersedes them all. Doing life with Christ, and dragging others with me.