Ya'll. I like to talk. Especially about what God is doing and what His word says.

I've been teaching weekly and speaking at this, that, and the other for almost 20 years. (I know, I look too young for that, right?!) Here are a few of the topics I've been known to share:

Becoming Ruth 
A life changing look at the Gospel through the life of Ruth. Every woman can find themselves in this story. It's thick with human experience and how God maneuvers His will in the midst of it all. In it is the surprise that He offers all we've ever wanted. 

The New Chick/Foster Care
How God led our family to foster care and the marvelous ways He has taught us about Himself through it. A look at how He calls us all out into deep waters, and then proves faithful. Good for groups interested in learning more about foster care, or how to minister to those involved with foster care.

Before I started the "stay at home Mama" thing, I got my Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling through Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and had a counseling gig. I learned a few things there. But the real education has come from being single (for what felt like FOREVER), numerous messed up dating relationships, and the school of hard knocks after becoming a wife. Navigating the roles of single woman, attached woman, and wife can all be treacherous. Goodness knows, I love connecting with women and sharing the truths God has taught me about embracing each of those with grace and living them out with wisdom.

A powerful look at the way God fulfils His promises toward His people and fights on our behalf. 

These are just ideas. If you have a topic in mind, let's talk about it!

If you think God is leading you to have me speak at your event, email me at beth.lawrence@yahoo.com

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