Friday, April 11, 2014

Letter to a Captive

Baby Girl, 

I see your self condemnation and it grieves Me. You needlessly hold on to sin and guilt, for I have not required it. On the contrary, I have provided a way for you to be free. I alone possess the key to your chains, but I give them to you. I am not your warden. I am your Rescuer. Liberty is waiting. Turn the lock and walk through the door to Me.

You think of me as a beast waiting to devour you. It is not so! Rather, I am the Lion of Judah. Here to defend you. There is no foe my equal. I will fight them all. For you. 

You wallow constantly in the atrocious sin you committed. The secret to waking from that nightmare is not complicated. Simply believe Me. Believe Me when I say I've removed your transgression. Your sin is no more. Yes it was hideous. Yes it was criminal. If it had been minimal would a cross be necessary to pay for it? But I have removed your sin as far as the east is from the west. There is no sin I can not pardon. For I am the judge. 

And I declare you innocent. 

I died so you can live. So LIVE. Live everyday in freedom from your past. The only chains it has on you are the ones you give it. The Evil One wants you hindered. He foams at the mouth to have you paralyzed in fear and condemnation. He promotes the lie that you are not worthy. That you disgust me. I moved heaven and earth to tell you otherwise. Ignore him. Listen to me! You have already cried rivers of repentance. Now dry your eyes and look to me. Take hold of the forgiveness that I freely offer. But I will not force it in your hands. Gifts must be received

Stop comparing yourself to others. Are they holy? Do they hold eternity in their hands? You think they are good and acceptable to me because of what you see on the outside. You assume I accept and bless them because of their righteous deeds. Their righteousness is to me as filthy rags. The same as yours. You will never stand in my presence based on self righteous acts. You will stand or fall based on your belief in my Son. When you believe Him, I will impute my righteousness to you. You will be right with me because I have made you so. Refuse to see yourself as shameful and less than. Open your eyes to how I see you. Blessed and highly favored.

I love you. I want to spend every day with you. Flee this captivity and let me show you life abundant. I will mount you on wings like an eagle. 

And for the first time in years, you will soar with me. 

Your Father


  1. While reading your blog amazing grace by Chris tomlin comes on my radio. I tell you the Lord knows what I need. Thank you for your blog. Just found it and I find it inspiring

  2. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord. I'm sure this was meant for many truly spoke to me.