Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Getting What You Crave

One thing has become obvious to me. 

Many, many women crave a more vibrant, fulfilling, life changing relationship with God. But multitudes don't know how to go about it, and countless others are not convinced it's worth what they'll have to give up to get it.

I can relate. I had a head knowledge of salvation and all things Jesus for years before I realized there was more. I've done the mediocre Christian thing. And during that time I was not satisfied. I've never been a just stick your toe in type. I want to be fully submerged.

Once I wrapped my soul around the truth that there was more to faith than a brain belief and began to earnestly seek Him, my relationship with Christ became the most dynamic and exciting thing about my existence. It is now the one thing I know I can't live without. 

If you aren't content with your relationship with Jesus, take heart because that is one thing you have the option to change. Wondering how?

The first and most foundational step, my dears, is to seek Him daily. I know. It seems so obvious and elementary and baby faith-ish. But darlings, if you want a deep and thrilling relationship, the kind where you and Jesus are like white on rice, then you can not skip this step. It is the crucial path to intimacy with him.

Look closely and you'll see the coffee stains. I've spilled more than one cup.

Seeking Him daily involves two key things: communicating with Him, and reading the message from Him (the Bible). This is how I go about it:

1) I have the same four items ready and waiting in the same spot (my front porch) every single day: Bible, journal, pen and devotional or notebook. I have a set time for using them to seek Him. During this season of life, it's after I kiss my fellas goodbye and get the baby down for his morning nap. I settle Anna on the couch for an episode of Dora (don't throw stones...Mama needs Jesus) and take my coffee out to the porch. If I play my cards right, I get 30 good minutes. But the amount of time is not the important thing! Various seasons of life will greatly affect the amount of time you get to spend. The point is to simply set aside time and make it the priority.

2) I journal first. It's like I need to empty out words before I'm ready to be filled. I simply write what's on my mind. I pen down my prayers during this time too. Helps keep me focused rather than having thoughts that bounce from redecorating the room to that conversation I had at church yesterday. I also ask God to teach me through what I am about to read in His word.

3) Next comes reading His message. Applying scripture in the context it was written is essential, so I read through books of the Bible instead of picking random verses. Right now I'm in Hebrews. This part I believe is key; I read small sections! We're not going for quantity here. Go for understanding. Depth of meaning. Sometimes that means reading only 3 or 4 verses. 

4) Two options as to what comes next: Often I read a devotional. My favorite is Come Away My Beloved, but I have used many others too. If you are just starting out with a consistent time with God, I highly recommend this route. Most of them take 2 minutes max to read. God uses other people to speak to us, so don't discount a good solid devotional book.

The other option: As of late I've traded in the devotionals for a plain old spiral bound notebook. After I read the section of scripture at least twice, I write each verse in my own words. Next I write what I call a "BP"-a Biblical Principal. Basically, this is a boiled down version of what that scripture means. Then I consider how God wants to use that truth in my life. 

That's it ya'll. Nothing complicated. But nothing more necessary. If you feel like something is lacking in your relationship with God but aren't spending time in His word, you'll be stuck in that feeling until you do. 

And if a faith without fences is what you're after, this is the first fence you must tear down. When you say "no" to meeting with Christ daily you build a teeny, confining fence around your life. That fence limits His involvement, His power, and His communication with you. 

I dare say if there is a woman whose faith you admire, it's due to the years that she has spent reading God's word and seeking Him daily. It isn't what we do every now and then that makes us who we are. It's what we do with consistency. 

One last thing, ladies, the only real difference in those who have a rocking vibrant faith and those who don't, is the intensity with which they seek it. 

The blessed truth He promises is this: 
Everyone who seeks, finds. 
Matthew 7:8

*I love hearing from you! Tell us how you seek Him by commenting below! Give us some fresh ideas. 


  1. About 2 years ago I started transcribing my notes from the sermons & studies over the years into pages that I keep in a notebook. I had the idea of having them in one place so that my child(ren) could see what their mama struggled with/learned about/prayed about. I use worksheets (that's not really the right word to describe them, but they're designed pages for scripture, BP's, and then there are a few that are laid out for character studies).

    I've been working through Hosea & using these worksheets have really helped me to grasp the connection between Gomer & the Israelites & the Body. I have a tendency to get lost in daydreams, and by having a sheet laid out in front of me, it really helps my visual sensibilities!

  2. I also have a chair in the corner of my room that has a basket beside it to hold stuff I am working on. This past year, I have started writing out what I am studying. It helps me to slow my brain down and make connections that I would not otherwise make. I have never been a journaler. I look with longing at those who journal well because I want to be able to. I just don't think it is how my brain operates!