Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bring On the Boring

So this is where I am today. And let me say from the front end, it's not my finest hour. Because quite frankly I am little bit over all the hoopla and merry making that comes with our culture's hyped up version of Christmas.

We've done the light shows. We've made the cookies. We've seen the parades and we've hidden the candy canes all over the house 27 times.

When it comes to sprinkles, go big or go home.

Oh yes. It's been big fun what with the decorations and the never ending sweet treats and the something to do every night and day.

We've enjoyed the over the river and through the woods. Opened all the presents. Clocked 800 miles on the minivan. And watched Dora's Christmas Adventure till my ears want to scream for mercy.

But now, this mama is D.O.N.E with creating memories and merriment. Because --> "Thanks, Mom and Dad, for using all your bandwidth for one solid month to delight and bless me. I think I've had enough. You can let off now."....said no child EVER.

Hear me say, I'm not the kind of mom that believes in entertaining my children every moment they're home. I'm more of the "Go outside and play in the dirt" kind of mother. I enjoy hanging out with my kids, but I've never bought into the notion that it's my job to keep them happy by supplying a steady stream of fun.

But something happens to me during the Christmas season. Suddenly this "go play" mama has a list of  20 things I want us to do together. Add that to the school/church/community/family events that are already planned and it's a recipe for 31 solid days of kid happiness. Parties at every turn. Gifts galore. Special event this and special event that. The steady stream of entertainment has them hypnotized into believing that this is REAL LIFE.

No way man. No more.

I can tell by the way they are still looking for presents and asking what fun thing we're going to do next that it is time to detox. They've been entertained and partied and gifted and generally catered to for LONG ENOUGH. It's time for this little family of mine to be reconditioned.

Time to stop expecting presents at every family gathering.

Time to embrace just being home.

Time to find fun in sticks and outside and the everyday.

So here is my plan. We're doing meals at home. We're doing chores. We're doing school and homework and not much else for a while. And for the love, we are doing bedtime ON TIME. 

Plain and simple and normal and hype-less. That's what we're going for.

But because this ain't my first rodeo, I fully expect withdrawals. I'm preparing for the moping and the complaining and the discontentedness. But I will not be moved.

They need to remember that life isn't about constant entertainment. I need to remember that it isn't my job to provide that. Nor is it in their best interest to try. We're going to re-center at home base. Hunker down and let the dust settle. 

Christmas, you were delightful. But now, it's time to bring on the boring.

*What normal things are you ready to get back to?

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  1. AMEN! I am so ready for boring to come back! The kids started back at school yesterday, and I kind of resent the fact that I have three solid days of errands (two down, one to go) to catch up on instead of being able to stay home and get stuff done. I'm definitely a homebody. And I have two big editing jobs to do ASAP this month and it freaks me out a little that I haven't started the biggest one yet (because the smaller one's deadline is first).

    Good for you for standing your ground! My kids are so much happier when they've been home for awhile and found their own rhythm and routine together. Usually they're happiest and playing nicely together right before bedtime.