Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Foster Care Means More

Foster Care means 
more mouths to feed
more hineys to wipe
more fingernails to clip.

It means 
another car seat to buckle
another nose to wipe
another body to bathe.

Foster care means
more visits to the doctor
more appointments to keep
more gas in the car.

It means 
more laundry 
more dishes
more sweeping
more working.

It means more vomit
more snot
more tangles
more poop
more pee.

It is more 
agencies to deal with
more systems to navigate
more people in your business
more government to answer to.

Foster care means
more uncertainty
more desperation
more complication
more giving up
more end of the rope
more worry
more loss
more heartbreak
more tears
more fear.

It also means
more help for your hurt
more grace for your burdens
more mercy for your mistakes
more joy for your journey.

Foster care means 
more of them.
More of Him. 
Less of Me.

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