Monday, October 13, 2014

Lord, This Is What I'm Giving You Today.

Lord, I tend to want to hold on. To hoard them near myself for safe keeping. But it's an illusion. The only safe place for anything that matters is in your hands. So this is what I'm giving you today;

My mind - May it constantly dwell on what is true and right. Help me to train it toward constant gratitude. Protect it from the enemy who wants to poison it with subtle lies and faithless thoughts.

My heart - May it beat for you, loving you first and best. Let it treasure what your treasure, and make it broken over what breaks yours. Knowing the mouth speaks of what fills the heart, pour it full of you. 

My husband - May he want you more than anything else on this earth and may his satisfaction come solely from you. Let him lead with humble confidence, knowing you are his King. Help me to remember you have given him a great weight of responsibility, and to respect him with this is mind.

My children - May they be soft to the gospel and eager to walk in your ways. Give me the wisdom to train them in the way they should go. I don't want to embitter them, Lord, so let my parenting be done in love. They are yours, therefore help me to shoot them out straight and strong in you when the time comes. Remind me to trust that they are in your constant care.

My dreams - May they find their root in you. Forbid that I should chase what would draw me away from you. Rather, cultivate that which will take me to the depths of you. You alone know all that churns in this heart. I trust that what you purpose will come to pass, and that no plan of yours can be thwarted. Help me believe that you love me like a father, and that you care deeply about the desires of my heart. 

My Future - May I rest in the fact that my times are in your hands. Nothing will happen that you have not ordained or allowed. Help me remember that I need not fear the future, because you promise to be there with me. Through mountain high and valley low. My life is yours, do with it as you please.

What do you need to give God today?


  1. I cannot describe what your writing does for my heart and for my walk with the Lord. Thank you! God bless.

    1. I cannot describe to you what these words did for mine!!! Thank you for taking the time to leave an encouraging word.