Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Quirky Side

I am tremendously excited to be attending the Allume conference next weekend! 

The women who attend fly in from all over the U.S. and Canada. Most are stepping out on a limb and sharing hotel rooms with other gals sight unseen. As in, never met face to face. Although you can be sure we've all been stalking each other on Facebook, Twitter and blog pages. 

So far my roomies seem pretty normal. Most people do until you get to know them. Since the weekend is short and we'll be on the fast track to friendship what with sharing a potty and all, I figured we should just cut through the superficial "get to know you" stuff and air our peculiarities on the front end.

 In an effort to dispel any myths about my degree of normal-ness I give you
10 Things You Could Care Less to Know About Me. 
Be blessed. 

#1) I have never not burned the bread for dinner. Toast...french loaf...tender yeast rolls. It doesn't matter. I burn buns. Every. Single. Time. My dear husband has begun to request crackers and untoasted loaf bread. Too bad he didn't get a real wife.

#2) I have been known to develop relationships with fictional book characters. More than once while reading Redeeming Love, I caught myself praying for Angel. And Hadassah in the Mark of the Lion....I considered naming my first born after her. But then he was a boy, so we went with Titus instead.  

#3) My favorite shoes are a pair of navy loafer Crocs. Three weeks after I got them, I left them on the back steps to dry after working in the yard. Enter naughty puppy. Now my Crocs look like this:

I still wear them anyway. Nearly every day. All over town. And often to church.

#4) Decisions. Oh the angst of decisions. Is there anything I hate worse than decisions? Menus at restaurants stress me out. Picking out a new purse? Stress. Beach towel? Stress. Please do not EVER ask me to choose where to eat. I will not divulge the amount of time I have spent trying to decide what to wear to this conference. Like it even matters!?

#5) In my quest for frugal living, I've attempted to make nearly every store bought item we like to eat from scratch:

  • Homemade Butterfinger bars. (Don't waste your time.)
  • Homemade granola bars. (Easy and totally worth it.)
  • Homemade Cheezits. (So much work I dared my family to eat more than two at a time. No repeat performance.) 
  • Homemade flavored coffee creamer. (Tasteless disappointment.)
  • Homemade baby food. (Simple and cost effective.)
  • Homemade Oreos. (Actually I have the recipe but never followed through.)
In the end, my motto is "Don't they sell that?" 

#6) I like to eat dessert after the kids go to bed. Even if I offer something sweet to the rest of the fam at dinner, I wait until 8:30 pm to eat my share. And if there's not a sweet treat in the house, I indulge in a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. I see it as my reward for surviving another day. 

#7) I sleep with a box fan running on high every night. Even in the dead of winter. It's not about temperature control. It's about noise reduction. This chick is a super light sleeper and without some white noise I hear every dern thing. I usually travel with my beloved sleep aid. But for this particular conference, I'll just be packing the benedryl. Don't throw stones. You'll like me more if I sleep.

#8) Until a few months ago this whole writing dream was a closely guarded secret. I've been a boarder line nervous wreck over letting people in on it. Just ask my husband.

#9) I love the sound of my children playing...OUTSIDE. Their darling little voices quickly escalate in this no carpet house. It doesn't take many decibels to push my limits. So for the love of mama's ears, go play in the great out-of-doors! 

#10) I sleep in the nude. KIDDING! I'm a pajama pants and t-shirt girl. It's late and I couldn't think of anything else.  

There you have it ladies. Looking forward to next weekend!

*How about the rest of you? Tell us one of your quirks...


  1. So fun! I'm rooming with 3 ladies - one I know IRL but the other two I've never met before. I know we'll have a blast.

    Fun fact - I eat my dessert after the kids go to bed too!

    1. It's just so much better when you can THINK about what you're eating, no? Look forward to meeting you at Allume.

  2. Love your crocs. �� My last roomy experience was with women I know, but bathroom experiences are always awkward for me. Also I was told (I am doubting) I lovingiy snuggled with my bedmate at 2am. She was wrapped like a burrito so I'm not sure she knows what she's talking about.